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tomorrow very early in the morning i’m going to go and get some wisdom teeth removed and a few cavities filled. one of the wisdom teeth is impacted which should be a whole lot of fun. i can’t wait. i’ll likely be in pain for a couple days afterwards which i’m also really looking forward too. it’s the start to a great week! anyhoo, i don’t talk about comics, movies and music enough…

music– i’m really in to sufjan stevens right now. i can’t get his song chicago out of my head. i’ve got to thank my friend jeff denton for introducing me to him.

movies– saw snakes on a plane this weekend and it was every bit as bad as i hoped it would be. i was hysterical. now i’m ready for the fall crop of films, which are usually a big breath of fresh air after the ridiculous and over-the-top summer ones.

comics– my new favorite web comic is zip and li’l bit by trade loeffler. the story is just getting started but i already love it. the art is amazing (love his linework) and there are plenty of sheep. lots of sheep is always a good reason to read a comic.

on the paper side of things, i’m really into the x-men books again after suffering through many, many bad issues (except astonishing of course). mike carey and chris bachalo are a big part of my recovering interest but ed brubaker and billy tan are doing an awesome job as well. and, it’s not really x-men related, but everybody who’s into superhero comics should check out nextwave by warren ellis and stuart immonen. it’s absurdedly awesome.

speaking of x-men, i created a new x-character! she’s got magical mutant pixie powers and there’s even an ‘x’ in her name! i call her piXie! (i’m so lame..)

pixie01.jpg pixie02.jpg


  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    What an awesome idea. piXie totally rocks :)

  2. bryan’s avatar

    Sufjan rocks too! I just got his album that’s the extra songs from the Illinois album, and it’s great too. Have you heard Sun Kil Moon? Another great band I’m really liking. Love the piXie character too. :)

  3. mike’s avatar

    really, you guys like this charcter? i wonder what joe quesada would think. i might have a goldmine right here!

    that’s funny bryan. when i called jeff the other day to let him know how much i’m enjoying sufjan, he told me to check out sun kil moon too. you two must have some similar tastes.

    1. killjoy’s avatar

      hate to be a killjoy but pixies cant fly, according to mythology sorry only fairies

    2. Hayley’s avatar

      Sorry to burst your bubble but there is already a character in New X-Men called Pixie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixie_%28comics%29

    3. Jaymie’s avatar

      I was going to let you know that as well. Pixie exists.

    4. Seivad’s avatar

      i just got pixie tattooed on my leg any chance of more characters on her team to fill the rest up.

    5. kate’s avatar

      piXie is my new favorite X-men!!!

    6. Zoezie’s avatar

      I Love pixie, and with it being my middle name I had her tattooed on my back 2 years ago, and iam also thinking of getting some more. I Love your drawings and hope to see many more.

    7. Pixie_King’s avatar

      As the king of all pixies I wholeheartedly approve!

      Most pixies are lazy bad tempered and frankly smelly things. They have bad breath and drink too much cyder (Cornish cider, spelt with a y). The good ones tend to be overly chearful, wandering around in tiny shiny buttoned up boots…singing.

      (Well actually they all sing, annoyingly all the time, usually rude songs about inappropriate behaviour).

      Having a super hero pixie is very cool, albeit slightly worrying. You see pixies are naughty (not bad) and so like to play tricks. This invariably leads to a fight (a bit of a pixie hobby), which is why I worry about an X-Men pixie.

      Normally, I handle the fighting by granting most pixies spells such as:
      “Finding your keys, wherever they may be”
      “Flicking snot balls for large distances”
      “Gargling mouth wash without a sound”
      “making dull things look sparkly”
      “stopping nose bleeds”
      “Turning underpants inside out”

      BUT an X-Men Pixie will need something really special…

      …I will think hard about some more appropriate hero spells…

      Of course most pixies know how to create there own horrible spells.
      “Hiding Keys”
      “Flicking snot balls”
      “Gargling mouth wash with supersonic sound boom”
      “making sparkly things look dull”
      “causing nose bleeds”
      “wearing underpants inside out”

      So may be your Pixie will be OK with out me.

      ;0) Pixie King

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