more pixies?!

okay, lets see if i can’t update this blog a bit more regularly for a little while…

to start off, more pixies! yay!




  1. Sarah!’s avatar

    So cute! I like!

  2. ali’s avatar

    You can never have too many pixies! ;)
    Love them all!!

  3. mike’s avatar

    thanks sarah and ali! i’m glad you like em. i’m always drawing pixies so there will aways be more. :)

  4. Matt’s avatar

    was Tony your model for those??

  5. mike’s avatar

    matt- well, obviously. ;)

    if you see him tell him it was really nice of him to come over and model with some fake plastic wings and pointy elf ears.

  6. Abz’s avatar

    wow! i love them all,there amazing!!!

  7. abby’s avatar

    omg those r so awesome! i wish i could draw that good i love pixies!

  8. dave’s avatar

    Very professional style. Hope you are employed with your talent.

  9. dave’s avatar

    ah…read your bio….. definitely found your calling

  10. Amie x’s avatar

    noo boddi cannnn evahhhhh havee 2 many pixies yahhhhh should purhhhh summmm moree onnnn googlee i look 4pixiesss most of the timeee n thaa sketchhh iss brill sooo follow me addvicee causeee yahhhh a great artisit n theres summm nafff pixiesss trust mee . sooo plzz doo thaa.
    yahhhh need 2 beee a pixiee artist yahhh wudd gerhhh loadss orr yahhhh
    shuddd sell likee portaitss n thaa of pixiesss onn ebaii whenn yahh oldahh
    causeee yahhh wuddd gerhh loads
    ageddd 10
    (single :S)

  11. jacob’s avatar

    please please please draw me a naked fairy pic i love them once again i love how free it makes them look!:)

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