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oy! busy, busy, busy… so sorry for the lack of posts. i’m afraid this might be the norm for a while as i’m busy working on freelance, my parable story and some cow & buffalo ideas. i did manage to get a fantastic four drawing done this week though for drawer geeks. i struggled at first with this one, especially with the thing (he has no ears! why does he have no ears!), but i like how it finally turned out. the coloring was fun. i tried to go for a very “comic book” look with a bunch of primary colors.



  1. jshamblin’s avatar

    Looks awesome, Mike! I love how you drew the Thing and Johnny.

  2. mike’s avatar

    those two were the toughest for me to get down. i’m glad you think they turned out okay. :)

  3. Trade’s avatar

    Awesome Fantastic Four. The Thing with oven mitts looks great. And I love the bold colors.

  4. Bryan’s avatar

    It turned out really great. Yours had the most story to it of anyone’s as well. Nice!

  5. mike’s avatar

    trade- thanks! i was kinda cheating with the oven mitts. like i said, i couldn’t wrap my head around the thing and his huge square digits were part of that. it worked out though. i think the oven mitts are kinda funny.

    bryan- man there were so many awesome ones this week! yours was one of ’em. i have a hard time drawing an illustration if i don’t have some sort of story to go along with it. that’s probably why i like drawing comics. ;)

  6. Sarah!’s avatar

    Yeah… he doesn’t have ears, does he? How did I not notice that? I even drew him without ears and didn’t notice…

    Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way! Hurrah!

  7. mike’s avatar

    i know, it’s so wierd. how does he hear?

    your work is awesome, sarah!

  8. ali’s avatar

    Wow! you say you struggled with this one?? It looks effortless!! LOVE IT! ;)

  9. mike’s avatar

    thanks, ali! yup, i had a hard time with it and i still see all sorts of problems. i’m glad it doesn’t show, though!

  10. Mac McCool’s avatar

    Pretty darn amazing!!! Have you read Unstable Molecules? Your cover reminds me of people like James Sturm doing great takes on the Fantastic Four!!

  11. mike’s avatar

    hey, christian! no, but i want to. i think craig thompson did the covers for that series too.

    thank you!

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