..and i’m back!

wow. i feel like i dropped off the face of the planet for week. and if the planet is this overwhelming communication network we call the internet, which can be argued as a very strong yes, then i really did. and i have a lot of catching up to do.

but first.. COMIC CON WAS AMAZING!!!!!! and like this communication network, also very overwhelming. in fact the first night i got there i walked in, stared at everything in awe for fifteen minutes and walked out with an “i’m not ready for this yet”. a couple days later i made it back and my eyes had the time of their life. too much so in fact, as i didn’t really get that much drawing done. most nights i had to force myself to sketch something before i drifted of too sleep in my much too comfortable hotel bed (jen and i were plotting out ways we could steal the mattress). there was a lot of walking, a lot of shopping and a lot of talking. also a lot of sight seeing as the covention center wasn’t my only destination in san diego which is simply put, a gorgeous city.

my dad was awesome enough to pick up and overnight my cow & buffalo postcards to me so i was able to trade, sell, or simply hand out those to a lot of people. i hope they enjoyed them. went through a bunch of seed comics as well. i’ll see if i can set up something on this site for people that might want to get their hands on some. i did a bunch of networking while i was there and safe to say, i’m not very worried about the publishing aspect of parable. there’s a lot of interest in the project which, considering the nature of parable, i found very cool.

the best part of the whole experience was hands down meeting so many wonderful people. of everyone i mentioned in my last post i met all of them and more. joe fenton, part of my parable family, and his wife were a blast to hang out with. christian hill (aka mac mccool) was just a super nice guy and intoduced me to another super nice guy named cliff cramp. doug tennapel is a trip and made jen blush inadvertantly agreeing with the “she’s hot” comment i made in my previous post. i met pretty much the entire flight crew (which was an interesting experience intoducing myself to everyone as “mr cow”) all of who are really great guys (and gals). their both was constantly swarming with people and it was great to see how modestly they handled all their success. i picked up volume three while i was there and the inside cover looks like the inside of yearbook with all the sketches they were all really kind enough to draw. jeff smith is a great guy as usual, jen wang is a sweetheart and sometimes it’s scary to hear how much kazu and i have in common. andy runton, james kochalka, and aaron renier were also all fantastic people to meet over at the top shelf booth. and pascal campion is as nice a guy in person as he is online- proving once again that americans are far too hard on the french.

as soon as jen offloads her camera i’ll post pictures. i haven’t even had a chance to see them yet. for now, i’ll just let this be an “i’m back and i’m ready to delve back into my art” post. i’ve got a lot of drawing to do if i plan on having a table for next year.

oh! one more thing. the night before we left my sister had her second little baby. she’s a very small squishy little thing (or at least she was the night i saw her) and i was able to get a quick sketch in before jen and i rushed home to pack. her name is “maile lei” (pronounced my-lee lay) which is a type of leaf lei or something in hawaii.



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    very nice picture…i like it..and itz nice…and yeah…gotta give ya sum propz…ya na?

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    this is very amazing COOL
    wow i like it

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