and i’m off!

bright and early tomorrow morning i’ll be flying out to san diego for my first visit to the san diego comic-con. i can’t wait. since it’s our first trip out to the west coast, jen and i are making a nice summer vaction out of it. we’ll be visiting family and friends and contemplating whether or not we want to return to tampa or not.

while in the past i would really look forward to seeing certain comic professionals from the large comic companies to sign whatever books i happened to have from them, this time around i’m more excited about simply meeting people i only know from the web. i’ve never been more involved in the webcomic world then i have been in the past two years, so putting some faces to some of these people is sure to be the largest amount of fun. at the top of my list is anyone that is involved in parable, since i’ll be working closely with them for the next year or so. the flight crew- just a ton of them are going to be there and i really want to shake hands with each and every one of them. one of which, jen wang, was who first attracted my interest the web comic/art world so she’s a definite must. and of course, i’d love to meet kazu since he just sounds like a great guy. but all those flight artists have inspired me in one form or another. doug tennapel will be there, and for anyone that reads this blog, you know i’ve become a huge fan of him. jeff smith i’d love to meet again. constant inspiration pascal campion should be a joy to meet. all in all, there’s a lot of people i want to see and i hope i can meet them all.

things i will have:

a handful of seed comics, chapters one & two. just picked them up from ups today and it’s neat to see those chapters all printed and bound.

things i won’t have:

i was going to have these cool cow & buffalo postcards but it looks like they won’t arrive until tomorrow in which case i’ll be gone. even more dissapointing is that same package contained some parable business cards i was looking forward to passing out. i’ll supose i’ll have to promote without them.

i won’t have a table, but i’ll be wearing a captain cow shirt one of the days i’m going to be there- likely on saturday. plus, i think my wife is hot, so if you see some geek walking around with someone he probably shouldn’t belong with, well.. that might be me. :)

for those that don’t know, cow & buffalo will be taking a break for the next couple of weeks. they will return on august 8th for the stunning conclusion to a story arc that just got way too far out of hand.

and i’d hate to leave you all empty handed while i’m gone so here’s a slew of old sketches (of girls) i haven’t had the chance to blog yet. i’ll be back in a couple of weeks with pictures and even more likely, more drawings.


girls01.jpg    girls02.jpg

girls03.jpg    girls04.jpg

random01.jpg    powergirl01.jpg

pixies03.jpg    robotgirl01.jpg



  1. pascal’s avatar

    What a plesure to meet you( both of you!)
    FINALLY , I know you’re not a real cow!
    wheewww… I was starting to worry there for a sec!

  2. mike’s avatar

    same to you, pascal! it’s good to know you’re not really a tall, bushy haired frenchman.

    oh wait…


  3. Samantha’s avatar

    the pixs are very beautifal and i loved your art. keep the workin hard

  4. mike’s avatar

    thanks samantha. i am a’livin’ life!

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