the chicken man and prada

i was dragged- okay dragged isn’t the right word- i reluctantly agreed to to see the devil wears prada with jen last night. and you know what, it wasn’t half bad. i mean it was most certainly a “chick flick” as there were so many instances in the film that various women in the audience would laugh or gasp at while i was left wondering “well, why didn’t she just do this or that”. but of course, being male, there’s no way i can possibly understand this type of thinking. and jen just shruggs at these things, and sees the ridiculousness of situations often times better then i do. that’s why she’s good to go see these types of movies with because we both laugh or get bored at (mostly) the same parts despite our different gendered minds.

at one point, something in the movie got me thinking about star wars, since being a “chick flick” my male mind needed to take a deep breath every now and then. i thought, if this movie had gone a different direction, it was exactly the type of relationship that would have worked between anakin and palpatine instead of the awful mess that it was. this is just good praise on how prada staged andy (anne hathaway)’s gradual character change. you can still trace it back to one moment- but with anakin, it was like, BAM!, i’m evil now. an audience is just not going to buy that.

speaking of chicks, friday’s drawer geeks went up, uh.. friday. this was one of the best weeks ever so check it out. it was for some obscure radio show superhero called “chickenman”, so there was no real visual refference for the character. the result is a lot of fun stuff from the artists’ imagination. i ended up doing a couple. being chickenman, i thought it was important to take the character as serious as he ought to be so i came up with this take…

…and then i drew this one specifically for my good friend matt, who’s past facination with chickens will forever make me think of him as the one true chickenman.



  1. jshamblin’s avatar

    Chickenman scares me. That egg isn’t rotten is it? *shudders*

  2. mike’s avatar

    chickenman SHOULD scare you. he should strike terror in the hearts of all, uh.. farm type.. people.

    i’m pretty sure the egg isn’t rotten. though he’s psychotic so who knows.

  3. Bryan’s avatar

    Awesome takes on Chickenman! Love the mood and the pos neg and the text going on in the first one. Top notch.

  4. matt’s avatar

    awesome work mike! if i had to choose what one i liked better it would have to be the drawing of the handsome fellow with spiked hair and glasses…he looks familiar, is he a model?!

  5. mike’s avatar

    thanks bryan! fun subject! yours was AWESOME. :)

    matt- JEEZ! i hope not! what would the fashion industry think? the market would probably collapse.

  6. matt’s avatar

    haha…yeah, i dont think the WB would put me on any shows…

  7. pascal’s avatar

    This is hilarious.
    I adore chicken man.
    he seems like he would totally have been a superhero in the eighties!


    nice job!


  8. mike’s avatar

    ha ha- yeah, my fank millerized version would have! i think he was around during the 60’s and 70’s.

    matt- ha!!! though i think it’s like the cw now…

  9. HI-D’s avatar

    I think that Chickenman is one hot superhero…… and He’s mine….. #7

  10. matt’s avatar

    heidi, i’m sure mike doesn’t want to make his viewers barf on his website!

  11. mike’s avatar

    no, no.. barfing’s quite alright… as long as they are thinking of you and not me. ;)

  12. molika’s avatar

    this is a bit frightened but good

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