i heart kitty pryde

about three months ago i got into this kitty pryde kick. she’s always been my favorite x-girl and i thought of this slight costume change that i wanted to give her. well, i did a bunch of sketches till i finally drew one that i felt like finishing- then i closed that particular sketchbook and forgot all about it. last week though, while i was scanning in some stuff out of said sketchbook, i saw my forgotten drawing and decided i might as well finish what i started.

kittypryde06.jpg kittypryde-ink.jpg

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  1. jshamblin’s avatar

    Kitty Pryde is one of my favorite x-ment too. I love the coloring on Lockheed.

  2. campy22’s avatar

    very very nice!

    I started liking here when I read that xmas story in which she’s left alone in the school, and some bunch of aliens coming from a tomb , try to invade the xavier mansion.

    Sounds like a pretty awful story when I say it like that, but, John Byrne could make anything look so good!

    Very nice take on her Cow!

  3. mike’s avatar

    oh yeah! the brood! i remember them.. i know the issue you’re talking about too, such is my geekiness.

    thank you both!

  4. Tom’s avatar

    ace picture dude, Kitty pryde my x-woman!

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