dead man’s chest

saw pirates yesterday and well.. i was right. it wasn’t better then the first one. but i still loved it! all the elements of the first film were still there- the action, the humor, the deceit, the swashbuckling (i love swashbuckling) and some pretty special effects. and i thought bill nighy’s davy jones was a wonderfully disgusting villain. i don’t feel like i can make too much of a conclusion of it other then that though, seeing how it was just the first of two parts (and i don’t want to ruin anything for anyone that hasn’t seen it). but man.. i can’t wait for next may!


  1. Josh’s avatar


    Ditto on the “can’t wait for next may”. You echo my thoughts about the movie (the first one will always have that special place in my movie-watching heart).

    Long live swashbuckling!

  2. allie’s avatar

    i loved it too!

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