jen and i were going to go see pirates of the caribbean last night but even with trying to pick up tickets early all the showings were still sold out. guess it’ll have to wait till sunday. the excitement of thinking i was going to go see it though caused me to revisit some of my own pirates in my sketchbook yesterday.


since the theater going didn’t work out, we decided to stay at home and rewatch the curse of the black pearl instead. after watching it again, i really don’t see how the next two films can be any better then this one. strictly from a story telling standpoint it’s just so well structured and i don’t think there’s a single character i don’t find interesting. my big hope is that johnny depp doesn’t become a parady of his jack sparrow character. there was such a lovely balance between his lunacy and cunning that i would hate to see brushed aside to revisit certain familiar charms. i do have a lot of faith in verbinski though who managed to make the only movie that ever scared me.

my good friend matt did manage to quench some of my pirate cravings by sending me a link to yet another wonderful short film from some ridiculously talented students from the gobelins school of image.


  1. J. Shamblin’s avatar

    Pirate sketches are always fun to look at! Normally, I can guess an artist’s influences, but in your case I’m drawing a blank. Bruce Timm maybe? Who are your favorite artists?

  2. mike’s avatar

    oh jeez! i have a TON. bruce timm is definetly one of them…

    jeff smith, craig thompson, carl barks, mike kunkel, theodore geisel, scott morse, chris bachalo, ovi nedelcu, jim lee, alex ross, ernest shepard, hayo miyazaki, brian froud, darwyn cooke, tim sale, james kochalka, j scott campbell, over half the flight artists and even more that i just find browsing throughout the web, ronnie del carmen, bill waterson, genndy tartakovsky, tim burton, john cassaday, bryan hitch, adrian alphona, frank quitely, stuart immonen, frank cho, charles vess and dave mckean…

    just off the top of my head. :)

  3. Bryan’s avatar

    Nice piratiness.

    Yeah, the stuff coming out of Gobelins is amazing. But wow, the stuff coming out of Supinfocom, I like even better.

  4. mike’s avatar

    supinfocum huh? i’m gonna have to them out…

  5. Mr. P’s avatar

    Nice one. Pretty cool map and raw heartlessness.

  6. Gabbi’s avatar

    I enjoy your drawings, I was just looking for a picture of a mime for homework and it came up with this site. The previous page had the mime but I’ve decided to have a squizz. Anways, hopefully his won’t be traced back to the Me, me.


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