mime01.jpgspacer.gifa lot of times i’m completely blank when it comes to drawing something on a new page of a sketchbook. that’s usually when i turn to jen and ask, “what should i draw?”. well, one night she said a mime. why a mime? i don’t know. but i drew one anyhow. sort of.


  1. matty.’s avatar

    Do mimes have props? :)
    love the hair…

  2. mike’s avatar

    ha ha! that’s why i said sort of. :)

    i think this is after she’s finshed work (out in some square i guess- is that where mimes work?) and she’s passing by a window and seeing something she wants. that’s what i come up with at least.

  3. vicky’s avatar

    ur sketches totally rock!!!

  4. onewiththepencil’s avatar

    I like it! It’s very cute, but I can’t really see the pupils.

  5. Stacie’s avatar

    I love how she seems to be incomplete, it makes the imagination wander. to me it looks as if she herself is looking in on someone. almost sneeky like. I like that your sketches take on a life of their own. I draw a bit myself and write poetry and to me, your work is like poetry in motion. It has such life like qualities and I tend to appreciate incomplete work more than what is already done and finshed. It allows the mind to work on its own and try to create the rest of what the artist was trying to complete. keep it up! :)

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