superman returns

pic_superman_returns.jpgspacer.gifyeah! i saw superman returns yesterday and loved it. as soon as i heard that original john williams theme and saw the opening credits, i was a kid again. to be honest, i was skeptical of the film until pretty much the day it opened at which point the skepticism rolled over to unbridled anticipation. i think a lot of this had to do with the fact that most of my friends saw the film opening day and i refused to talk to them until i saw it. it took me till sunday because i promised jen and my family i would wait to see it on 3d imax which they were all looking forward to. and jen explained to me it wouldn’t be fair if i already saw it before them. i don’t know how it wouldn’t have been fair, but i understand what she meant. i would have felt cheated if i wasn’t seeing it with others for the first time too- not experincing the mystery, excitement or whatever on an equal level.

as silly as it sounds, i really felt like i was on a separate planet for a few days. unable to communicate with anyone until i saw the film for fear that they’d give something away or spoil my enjoyment in some annoying critical manner. that wasn’t the case of course, as all my friends felt the same as i did after making my phone call rounds after seeing it. i think the fact that i waited as long as i did, letting anticipation build up and up, and still walking out of the theater with a big smile on my face says a lot about the film. the directing was great, the story well thought out, casting was perfect (yes, i believed kate bosworth as lois lane), the cinematography was gorgeous, the kid didn’t annoy me and the music- the music was awesome. i think everyone that was a part of this film was filling some pretty big shoes, but they all played enough homage to their original counterparts to satisfy nostalgia while still entertaining you with their original takes.

i don’t want to spoil anything for anyone though. the only thing i’d like to deter people from is seeing it in 3d. the imax was cool. very cool. i think the larger screen just increased the scope of everything. but the 3d scenes were few and very poorly done. not only did it distract from the movie with blinking glasses at the bottom of the screen and a rush to put them on, but the double imaging caused me to be a bit lost during some of the action scenes. in fact, i was actually starting to get dissapointed everytime i had to put the glasses on. still, i walked out loving this film.

i can’t wait to see it again on wednesday. :)


  1. Paul’s avatar

    You have some amazing illustrations on your blog!! I didn’t read the post about superman b/c I’m seeing it this thursday in imax 3-d (didnt want to spoil anything)
    just wanted to say your art rocks!!

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks paul! you might find that comment funny if you ever you do read my superman returns post though.

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