i have to wait till sunday to see superman! arrgh! i drew this on wednesday while the rest of the world was out seeing it. it’s for today’s drawergeeks.


flight 3 also came out this week. most of my favorite current storytellers are part of this book, including parable’s own ben hatke who drew a story i can’t wait to read called the edge. unfortunately, the anthology didn’t ship to most comic shops for whatever reason. since i already pre-ordered it from my local shop (support your local comic shops!), it means i’m also going to have to wait on reading that. oy. patience is certainly the theme of this week…


  1. michael’s avatar

    i’m so happy i found your stuff. (from the drawing board). so very fun – you are extremely gifted and clever. time to bookmark and link.

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks, michael!

  3. Bryan’s avatar

    Hey Mike, your superman for DG was great. Love the setting, nice job.

    A fellow DGer.


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