okay, i decided to post a drawing tonight anyway. i was wasting time at work checking through various blogs and noticed both neil and dean drew superman this week. well, that just happens to be next week’s drawergeeks so i was doodling him this week too. here’s one of em’:


i just have such a hard time drawing serious superheroes. i love superheroes, and i read a ton of superhero comics, but when i draw them they’re always ridiculous.

and it took all the way up until i saw the international trailer (the one where the bullet hits his eye?), but i’m officially excited about the movie. still skeptical, but excited.


  1. allie’s avatar

    this is VERY ryan-esque

    supman will rock, we’re going to see it in 3D IMAX, you?

  2. mike’s avatar

    does ryan like pie? i keep hearing about this 3d superman but have yet to see anything about it. if it sounds cool, the yes- i’m all about the 3d!

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