hooray! i’m back!

well, that was fun couple of weeks. :)

in case anyone is curious, here’s the very, very short version of what happened:
apparantly there was a security update done on my sqlserver which caused everything in my database with single quotations to become unreadable. well, not only was there a lot of code in my database with single quotations but it just so happened the night they were performing the update i was writing a post with, yup, single quotations. it all became a big mess and it’s taken me about a week and a half to get everything back to normal again. luckly i had backed up all of my previous posts and pages so nothing got lost. for anyone that doesn’t regularly update their databases, i recommend it. i could have lost a bunch of stuff.

so, since my server was completely useless at this point, i finally decided to change hosting providers (which i’ve been contemplating doing for a while now). i was happy with brinkster, my previous service, but the windows servers they use just weren’t happy with this linux based wordpress application i’ve started using. now that i’ve moved to bluehost, everything on this blog just works better. i finally can have a contact form, my permalinks work without any fanagaling, and there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that works better now making it easier and less time consuming for me to post. so, yes, all is now good in buffalog land. the only major change is that the extension for my cow & buffalo pages needed to change. so instead of cowshell.com/cow&buffalo/current.asp it is now cowshell.com/cow&buffalo/current.php (anyone that knows windows vs. linux servers will understand this change). you can also use a variety of redirects like cowshell.com/cow&buffalo or cowshell.com/cowandbuffalo or simply just cowandbuffalo.com. i’ve made real easy on people. :)

okay, so this has got to be a pretty boring new post for my return here, but i promise tomorrow i’ll be back with some fun new art and whatever else crosses my mind. for now i’m just happy to have my blog back again.

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