crisis on infinite butterflies

dean trippe is back from out of the country and he’s started updating butterfly again. if anyone here reads dc comics, particularly all the crisis stuff that’s happened, there’s a fun play on a certain character(s) name(s) for the latest. dean’s also put up his list of alternate butterfly winners. surprisingly, i’m one of the ten runners up. mine i just did for fun, and i don’t think it’s all too original, so it’s kinda embarrassing to see my entry amidst all these very cool, much more creative concepts (such as joel carroll‘s to the left there). my favorite has got to be moth by adam cadwell. the character just feels so wonderfully right. it reminds of the good ol’ disney animated television days when darkwing duck had mega duck as his evil counterpart.

dean did give my butterfly a good name though. it actually wasn’t untill six hours later where i was like “aah! funny..” and if you don’t read many comics, particularly x-factor, ya might not get that either.

speaking of comics, i keep forgetting to mention a very cool new feature that dc comics has on their website right now. some of you may be aware of the 52 comic they recently started publishing. a weekly comic set in real time examining a missing year in the dc universe directly after the events of infinite crisis (hey, not all of my buffalog readers read comics!). well, writer/artist keith giffin is drawing all the breakdowns for this massive series and you can view some of these rough plotted out pages here. it was fun comparing his breakdowns to the actual finished pages until i realized i had more important things i could be doing with my life. part of me likes keith’s style more then the finished artwork but that’s also the part of me that enjoys the simple cartoonish approach to things. joe bennit’s been doing a fine job.

i think the moral of today’s incredibly geeky post is that for those of you that don’t, read more comics! that is all.

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