batgirl01.jpgspacer.gifthought i’d post some more sketches. this is an early page out of one of my last sketchbooks. back when that whole batgirl craze was going on i actually decided to draw one too. just never got around to scanning it. i kinda wanted to ink and color it at one point, but then weeks passed and then i just didn’t really care for it anymore. that happens a lot. if i don’t take a project from beginning to finish in a relatively short period of time, i find it hard to go back to. i can be fairly impatient when it come to my art, and am constantly wanting to move on to the next thing. it can be a real problem since i’m typically working on five things at once.



  1. allie’s avatar

    can i beg for more QUILL please!!!! she’s just soooo dang cute!

  2. mike’s avatar

    we’ll see…. ;)

  3. ali’s avatar

    I LOVE her! Beautiful pencil drawing! ;)

  4. monica L’s avatar

    hello, I was thinking you may found useful to share this video about the basics of pencil drawing

    and thanks for share with us!

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