cow and buffalo is up. i think this is the first episode that neither of the title characters show up in. but i suppose a hundred episodes is long enough without giving someone else some [computer] screen time.

spacer.gifwatching catscratch the other day made me think of my own kitties. we have two siamese cats that in this humble artist’s opinion are just the cutest cats in the world. ash is a couple of months older and we had him for a year before rescuing misty. he’s kinda like a rag cat- you can just walk next to him and scoop him up with one arm and he doesn’t care. we even have a nine year old that’ll come over every now and then and pick him up with her two hands and he doesn’t even flinch. he’s also shown up in a couple cow and buffalos. misty on the other hand is a permanent kitten. she’ll play with anything, meow sixty percent of the day, and hide under the table from passers by. all you need to do is hold your hand out though and her little head is under it as she purrrrrs away. since jen and i don’t have any kids (yet) they’re pretty much our babies, and we really do find ourselves comparing them to things our one and half year old neice does on occasion.

here’s some quick pen doodles i scribbled a while ago of them. the drawing above is probably the most accurate representation of them and done in rare zen fashion. i’ll see if i can track down some of the 900+ photos that jen has taken and post a few of those when i get a chance.

misty01.jpg ash01.jpg


  1. ali’s avatar

    I LOVE THESE! Oh SO CUTE! ;) I love kitties!!

  2. mike’s avatar

    me too! thanks ali!

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