wonder woman, doug tennapel and christianity (how’s that for a post)

spacer.gifdrawer geeks is new today. this week’s subject was wonder woman. it’s been a somewhat hectic couple of weeks so i didn’t get to spend that much time on mine, nor did i really feel like doing anything silly like some of my past superhero drawings. anyhoo, here it is, in all it’s amazonian cuteness.

as you read this blog, you’ll start to realize that it sometimes takes me a while to catch on to things. one of those things is doug tennapel. despite loving tommysaurus rex when it first came out, i just finished his landmark novel, creature tech, a couple weeks ago and thought it was just brilliant. it lured me, finally, to start reading his blog which is just brilliantly brilliant. pic_ctech.jpgspacer.gifand funny. his latest posts address postmodernism (here and then here), a dutch pedophile political party (yes- a dutch pedophile political party), and the revelation that he is a huge fan of lost (makes me respect the guy even more). in each of these posts, doug takes a very reasonable though direct approach to expressing his views on each of these matters without sounding to cynical or annoyed at some of these absurd situations that arise on this wonderful planet of ours. but my favorite thing about doug is his unshakable stance of his christian faith. in a culture that is taking the idea of christianity as being a ridiculous concept, doug is able to make the notion of not being a chrsitian sound ridiculous. is he saying that non-christians are ridiculous? no, but he’s not afraid to make credible claims that his belief has more merit then many are afraid to give credit to. it’s something that many christians, whether they’re unsure themselves or just don’t want to be looked upon differently in society, often stay quiet about. but what does that acheive?

to me it sounds selfish to believe in heaven and not inform anyone else about it (or how to get there). whether others choose to believe this as well is up to them, but there’s no sense in being quiet about it. it’s a short life, but i believe a much longer one awaits. i don’t want to spend the eternity of that next life regretting how quiet i was. and i certainly don’t want to waste the one i’m blessed to have now.

i think i’m a few beats away from being able to accurately explain about my faith without fading into babbling rhetoric. but at least i can take a cue from doug tennapel and not be afraid to say who i am and why i’m proud to believe in Christ.


  1. Josh’s avatar

    You know… I had never heard of Mr.Tennapel until today… and this posts makes it the second time… today! Looks like I’ll be checking out more of his work!

    The Wonder Woman pic rocks!

  2. Scott Christian Sava’s avatar

    Found your site via Mike Kunkel’s blog and wanted to say from one Christian to another….bravo!
    Keep up the great work

  3. Skh’s avatar

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