today’s cow & buffalo is my 100th cow & buffalo strip i’ve ever done. i’m not sure if that’s really that big a deal or not, but it does makes me feel good to know i’ve kept with this strip from week to week without any stumbles. in fact, i’ve been really happy with these last couple months worth of strips so that’s personally a nice feeling as well. i’ve been told i should have done something special for this occasion, but i was sort of in the middle of a storyline and didn’t want to pause or distract from it. who knows? maybe i’ll do something special for number 200. :)

i’ll be enjoying some time with family and friends today as i more appropriately celebrate my birthday from yesterday. i suppose i can secretly celebrate this little feat as well.



  1. allie’s avatar

    sorry we didn’t call you on your b-day!!! but we hope you have the best year ever and that we get to see you soon. i love the “100” graphic – cute!
    miss ya

  2. Josh’s avatar

    Woo-hoo! Congrats on 100!!!!

    And Happy (Belated) Birthday too

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