well, today is my golden birthday as i celebrate the past 27 years of my life. how am i celebrating? well, i’m at work today and when i get home i have a cow & buffalo i need to finish for tomorrow. there’s some freelance stuff i need to finish up as well and i’m really eager to start sketching out some stuff for parable. so well, i guess i’m celebrating by enjoying business as usual and that’s just fine. i did take some rare time off and vedged on the couch last night while watching four episodes in a row of catscratch. i’ve never caught the show but recorded some the other day since i realized it was created by doug tennapel. and it’s funny. some of the things that happen on that show are just absurd and there’s some subtle lines that are just genius if you happen to catch them. i think waffle would have to be my favorite character. one episode i watched, waffle and gorden (the round orange spotted cat with a think scottish accent) are running to put put out what they believe to be a fire and gorden yells. “HOLD ON TO YOUR WEE ONES!”. later waffle- “gorden said to hold on to our wee ones”. funny.

speaking of waffles, jen was extra sweet this morning and made some for breakfast. usually, i’m the one doing the waffle making so that was a nice birthday morning surprise. and then she gave me a fun birthday package of the complete season of undeclared, season one of samurai jack, the 50th anniversary edition of the muppet movie, a new shirt and some new boxers (that last one wasn’t that exciting but probably needed). thanks, baby. i love you!

now time to get back to work…

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