so uh.. where’s seed?

seed01.jpgspacer.gifsome of you might be wondering when i’m ever going to update seed again. well, um… i sorta jumped the gun on it i think.

when i started seed i didn’t have a lot going on. i was able to work on it freely with out much else to think about creatively. and considering how it was really my first comic endeaver, thought things came out fairly well. but now, with quite a lot more things i feel i should spend my time on, i just haven’t had the chance to sit down and start working on it again. which is a shame, because i love these characters very much and know what’s in store for them. but i don’t want to screw the story up by not giving it the focus it deserves. so unfortunately, until i get to a point i feel i can do that, seed will be on an indefinite hiatus. i’m still sketching pax and fae (and occasionally mab) every so often though and here’s a few older ones from my past sketchbook.





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  1. KK’s avatar

    They’re really good. & some of them’s funny, just how the order they’re put in.
    It in a way makes a story of it’s own.
    I understand, I work on some stories for fun, though, & instead of work, it’s school.
    In my opinion, you’re going about it the right way tho! :)

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