well, heavy freelance work is just about behind me (for now) which means i can finally start catching up on things. there’s a few things i want to prepare for the san diego trip this summer and then i’ll be starting work on my story for parable (which i’m really excited about). this morning though i scanned in a few pages out of my last sketchbook so i could start start posting some of ’em. over the next week or so, i’m going to post a bunch of these sketches that were done over the course of the last few months so this buffalog starts feeling a bit more like a skech blog again (not that it ever really was, but that was its original purpose). most of these pages are stuff i scribble pretty mindlessly over tv or while at work so hopefully this won’t be too embarrising.

first up- one of the projects i was feverishly trying to accomplish recently was a five page little story at the end of caleb monroe and noel tuazon‘s redchapel #3 (out in july). redchapel is a wonderful all ages comic and i encourage everyone to check it out. the story i worked on, called listen up, was off of a script by jay busbee. before the script though i had a rough concept to start thinking about. the main character is a boy named tommy who causes “strange things to happen when he listens to music”. my first impressions were of tommy being a pretty young kid, but jay decided to go a different rout. these pages are some of those first impressions.

tommy01.jpg tommy02.jpg

and since i’m posting some children sketches, i thought i’d show this random sketch of some treehouse builders i drew around the same time. it has nothing to do with listen up, i just wanted to draw a scene like this.


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