mike kunkel and the blog


spacer.gifi just found out that mike kunkel has a blog! i’ve been a huge fan of mike’s work ever since herobear one, but haven’t seen much from him since he started doing a lot more production work. so this is great news! it looks like he just started posting pretty recently, but he’s already got some great sketches, some terrific character designs from juniper lee (like the ones above), and even a page out of superman/batman #26 written by the late sam loeb. looks like i have yet one more website to add to my already long list of places to click to when i’m hungry for inspiration.


  1. Cory Hockman’s avatar

    I am doing a a power point presentation on Mike Kunkel and would love to get into contact w/ Mr. Kunkel via email or possibly a telephone interview. Please contact me at hockman_cory_lee@yahoo.com

  2. Isaac’s avatar

    Thats cool monsters.

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