plumbers and pigeons

a received a link from my friend megan dailor today to this fantastic display of talent.

and while i’m posting, i wanted to share some amazing artwork that my friend matt smith drew on the back of some post-it paper a little while ago. i don’t think he’d consider himself an artist seeing as how he rarely ever draws. in fact, i don’t think he ever draws. but this work of pure genius says maybe a career change is in order. his name is simply pigeon-man:


here’s some fan art i did for him. it doesn’t come close to the level of quality and creativeness that matt’s drawing has, but i thought i’d share it anyhow. i payed extra special attention to make sure i got the pigeon logo just right:


who knows? you might see more of pigeon-man one day. this character is sure to take off.


  1. allie’s avatar

    pigeon man rocks! tell matt i love it and its sure to be huge one day. u guys crack me up

  2. dukenorway’s avatar

    is his superpower the ability to precisely drop white liquid on objects with uncanny accuracy?

  3. mike’s avatar

    actually, we were discussing this and found out that pigion poo is actually acidic. it’s a real big problem to keep things from corroding in large cities like new york. but, yeah- we figured he’d have balloons full of something like that that he’d drop from above. though not necessarily with any accuracy.

  4. Wife’s avatar

    Sorry, but, I think Matt’s drawing surpasses yours. Especially the crazy smile.

  5. mike’s avatar

    matt’s drawing surpasses da vinci. it’s so good, dan brown will find a way to make a conspiracy out of it.

  6. Pigeoooooooooooooooon man’s avatar

    well well well i see this is causing quite the fuss… just so no ill rumors get started. I have been talking to Dan Brown, but on a very preliminary basis. Honestly he keeps trying to pressure me into making Pigeon Man the contemporary link to the Jesus of Nazareth lineage. My intentions are to go another way. Michael Bay is interested, we are just waiting for Bruckheimer to front us the cash money… a few names being thrown araound are: John Goodman, Jim Carey, and Samuel L . I’ll keep everyone updated. P.S. Mike if you don’t get that TPS report back to me for the licensing rights I’ll be forced to sue… thanks
    Your well grounded friend
    Matty S
    Oh and I’d like to thank Jesus and my parents (just practicing for the award shows)

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