butterfly, kind of..

dean trippe, who draws butterfly and is also part of parable, is out of the country this month. when he get’s back he’ll be doing some sort of alternate earth tale with alternate butterflies. joel carroll, fellow floridian and pal of ol’ dean, started a fun thread over at the drawing board with a whole bunch of alternate butterflies and i wanted to add to it. nothing as exciting as some of the stuff over there- i just parodied my ridiculous muscular superheroes i’ve been drawing lately- but i still kinda like how it turned out.

i decided he’s from “after school special” earth, where butterfly discovers steroids. this is the moment of joy for him before his slow decline into depression, more drug abuse and emabarrising man-boobs which lead to more of the latter two. eventually knight-bat and birdie pull him out of it and everything works out just fine.


  1. Dean+’s avatar

    yay! just found this post. as you know, i love this drawing! thanks dude! :)

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks, dean! glad you like it. looking forward to the alternate storyline!

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