pic_collision.jpgspacer.gifi just wanted to take a moment to mention how awesome my dad is. and that may seem kinda odd considering what day it is tomorrow, but i’ll say something nice to mom tomorrow.

my dad is awesome because he introduced me to the david crowder band. and i know this album came out last year and they’ve been around a few years before that, but i’m just now hearing about them. when did christian music get to be so good? i’ve been kinda out of the loop for the past few years because for awhile, it just.. wasn’t. but i’ve been listening to a lot more christian music lately thanks to a terrific radio station we have here in tampa, and things have changed. a collision (or 2×7+14) is seriously the best album i’ve heard in a long time. it is just on so may different levels, teetering at the beginning on alternative radio friendly rock (the first four songs just grow on you) then taking a gradual turn towards some southern gospel moments in the middle and then just accelerating non-stop for the second half the album with some of the most powerful, melodic sucession of songs i havn’t heard since, well, i don’t know since. i’m not a music reviewer by any means. i won’t be able to explain to you why i think certain music is good (or bad). but i do know i love this album, and i encourage everyone, christian or no, to at least check it out.

on the secular side of things, i’ve had the new flaming lips album for over a month now and i’m still loving it. then again, i love everything the flaming lips do. and i just got the new snow patrol this week and am finding it to be a great follow up to final straw. not sure if it’s as addicting as final straw, but still good. kinda like dcfc‘s plans after transatlanticism.


  1. Eric Smith’s avatar

    Oh man, it’s a tough call, but I’d have to say that plans actually comes out on top by a bit. Also, DCB is awesome. I’m glad you’ve been open to the genre again; I went through the same thing. It’s nice to see some of these Christian niche bands coming alive in the mainstream.

  2. allie’s avatar

    i got that cd for christmas and TOTALLY love it. been a DCB fan for a long time…it’s all good

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