year three

sorry for the lack of posting lately. i’ve been finishing up a big project this week that’s causing this week to fly by me faster then when the wild hit theaters. though, i finally took a break from the drawing table/photoshop last night to spend some much needed time with jen. yesterday was our third anniversay and we celebrated by going out to a nice dinner at roys, a delicious, semi-fancy, hawaiian themed seafood and steak house (though what we mainly were going there for was their chocolate souffl?. mmhmm!) we then decided to go see mission impossible three. not the most romantic thing to do, but it seems we rarely get to go see movies like we used to. despite thinking the last two were pretty mediocre (actually, no. that was the first one. the second one was just ridiculous), we mainly wanted to see this one because of jj abrams. and i’ve gotta say, he did a pretty good job with it. i was kinda sleepy at the beginning but found myself feeling pretty tense and awake about mid way through. there were some script issues that caused some eye rolling, but enough twists to keep me entertained. i’m not gonna say anything to ruin it for people, but i’d definetly say this was the best of the bunch.

so for our first anniversary we took a boat out to an island, went snorkling and had a nice dinner. for our second one we stayed at a disney resort for a couple days and had a nice dinner. and this time around we had a nice dinner and watched tom cruise stare intensely at things. so again, maybe not as romantic this time around, but i love jen three years worth of days more then when we got married and that always makes for a perfect evening.

on a completely separate subject, i did manage to scan a couple more pages out of my sketchbook. so here’re some pirate girls. enjoy!

pirategirl01.jpg pirategirl02.jpg

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    AHHHH, i think that is very romantic. Patrick and i just saw MI3 today, and i agree that was the best of the three. Pretty actioned packed which was good.

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