vectored cow

i’ve been using adobe illustrator quite a bit lately for some freelance projects i’ve been working on. mostly type and layout stuff but i think i’m finally getting the hang of tracing paths with it too. when a lady contacted me about needing an image for a breast cancer walk, i thought it was a great opportunity to vector out my cow.


this is what i donated to the walk for t-shirts and posters and whatever. my mom recently fought breast cancer so i try to do what i can to support causes like this. plus, their team name is udder utopia! how could i not do something?


  1. Allie’s avatar

    love it! that is so great, and its awesome that you’re mom is doing well. miss ya

  2. krystin’s avatar

    Hi! I ran accross your image looking for a logo for our tshirts for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this year! When I read that you previously donated the logo I was wondering if you would be willing to do it again? Please contact me at if so. Thanks!

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    Your picture is absolutely fantastic! Hi Mike. Our team of 20 will be participating in the Y-Me Race at Your Pace in Chicago this mother’s day. Would you be willing to give our team permission to use your vectored cow design on our t-shirts? We are the Moollers & Shakers and our mascot is a cow. So far we have raised over $6,000. . . and climbing.

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    This is such a cool image! My son is the Team Captain for his high school’s Relay for Life team and their team name is Mooving Towards a Cure….(cow themed). I have been trying to find a image for tshirts etc. would you at all be willing to donate this image in a high res format? Thanks for your consideration.

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