well, i have two sketchbooks that are about three pages away from completion. i keep one in a bag that goes with me wherever i go, and another one sits either on the coffee table at home or by the bed, depending on where i used it last. it might seem odd that i work in two books at the same time, but i have a couple of reasons. the main one is that goldfish have better memories than me, so if i don’t keep one in my bag, i’d end up being stuck somewhere with out a sketchbook and that would just be annoying. the other one is that i often find people want to flip through my sketchbook (the most humbling of experiences) and i use my “home” sketchbook for some of the more private figure drawings of jen that i’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate people sifting through. now that i have this blog though, i can share some of these sketches. no, not the ones of jen! but some of the one’s that people like to flip though. so i’ll slowly start scanning some of them and showing them over the next few weeks. it should be fun- kind of embarrassing, but fun!

first up, one last superhero. honestly, as much as i love ’em,
i really don’t draw superheroes that often. but i don’t know. these are fun, so that’ll probably change.



  1. Júlia’s avatar

    this superman is soooo cute!!!
    it´s amazing!!!

  2. Júlia’s avatar

    i loved the study of the hand that you did!
    what kind of pencil is that?

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