i thought i’d show some of my catwomen doodles i sketched before the one i ended up drawing for drawer geeks. i really liked how darwin cooke designed her with the goggles, so my original thinking was to do something with those. they weren’t really working with the expression i wanted though, which is how i ended up with the more ‘batman returns’ style catwomen outfit. still, i thought it might be fun to show some creative process.

catwoman01.jpg catwoman02.jpg
catwoman03.jpg catwoman04.jpg


  1. mlesguerra’s avatar

    it?s so nice, she have kind of a 50?s look!!! maybe the eyes….

  2. Allie’s avatar

    HEY MIKE!!! I love the catwoman/batman, tooooo cute! hope you have a great week

  3. Swizec’s avatar

    Just thought I’d say hi

    so HI

    Really like the sketches and might just be reading this thingy regularly :P

  4. Femek’s avatar

    !! these are sooooo pretty!
    wish I could draw like that..

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