drawer geeks!

drawer geeks, the bi-weekly drawing group i contribute to, is new today. this week’s was one one of my favorites. catwoman!
here’s what i came up with:

what’s fun about these is that it gives me an excuse to draw something i might not normally draw along with giving me a chance to experiment with some different styles. because i never posted them before, here’s some of my past drawings i did along with what the subject was:

captain america:


animals in battle:

childhood nightmare:


  1. Dean+’s avatar

    Dude those superhero drawings RAWK. :)

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks dean! it’s funny, with all the superhero comics i read, you think i’d draw more superheroes. but i don’t, and when i do they’re always doing silly things like playing ukuleles and eating bowls of ice cream.

  3. Kazu’s avatar

    Mike, this blog is beautiful!

  4. mike’s avatar

    why, thankyou. :)

  5. Josh’s avatar

    These are great! Love the attack hippos!

  6. mike’s avatar

    thanks, josh! that was a fun one!

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