it’s a new cow shell graphics!

remember last week when i said i’d have some new stuff for ya? you might not. in fact you might not even know i wrote anything at all. but i did. i promised new stuff and this buffalog is just one of those things. there’s some more new stuff i want to share too but a little bit at a time.

why the change? well, i’ve been wanting to find a better way to update this site for a while now, and wordpress, what this buffalog is powered by, just makes it so much easier to do so. i might not be turning any heads design wise, but in terms of functionality this just works better for me. it means (hopefully) i can do more drawing and it’ll be easier for me to show those drawings to all of you from now on. that also means updates won’t be limited to just sundays anymore.

but right now, i’m going to be late for church. make sure you read my front page. it’ll explain a few more things. and make sure you check out parable. i’ll explain a little bit more about that later. and make sure you check out cow & buffalo. it’s new today. most importantly, have a happy easter and watch your chocolate intake. i’ll be back later.


  1. Josh’s avatar

    Buffalog rocks!

  2. mike’s avatar

    thanks, josh! hopefully, once i get the time to start scanning some images, it’ll rock more.

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